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But first, here's our
Monthly Volunteer Spotlight

Meet The Team

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Ella started working with us in 2022. Her favorite animal is Twyla. She is a weekly volunteer focusing on anything and everything we ask. She likes volunteering because she enjoys being around the animals and likes helping people. 


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.




Sometimes known as the man behind the scenes, Chris is most definitely the muscle that keeps this place thriving. But don't let that tough exterior fool you, Chris is a softy when it comes to loving on the animals that call this place home. You will never see him without an entourage of his biggest fans following him around. 



Gina's love for animals and passion for rescuing was the spark that got this whole place started. Her love affair with all things furry began at a very young age. Once she was old enough to have your own home, the fostering of cats and dogs become a reality. 22 Farms allows her to do more than she ever dreamed she could to help and advocate for so many.


Board Members

Claire Sila

Claire is a passionate animal advocate! She has been a part of many other rescues in the past and brings a large amount of knowledge with her. She began visiting and supporting the farm and eventually became one of our top supporters.


Kyle Korzenowski


Kyle is a phenomenal business leader with tons of experience helping organizations create and execute their strategies. He also happens to have rescue animals, including two polydactyl cats.

Jennifer Wilary


Jennifer was one of our first supporters. She has an excellent marketing mind and is always coming up with ideas for the farm. She is also the creator of most of our merchandise.

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