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Our Story

Hello world! We are Chris and Gina Mizell. Welcome to Twenty-Two Farms Animal Sanctuary!


Our hope was that we would be able to provide a home for a few farm animals in need. In 2019, we decided to sell our comfortable suburban home and purchase a farm.

By the end of 2020, we had over 60 animals!  That number has now grown to over 130 animals of 13 different species.

We are often asked why the name, Twenty-Two Farms? We were high-school sweethearts that went separate ways. In high school, Chris wore the #22 hockey jersey and Gina wore Chris's hockey sweatshirt every day. After 20+ years apart, we reconnected and decided the name represented our start and our restart.

We love having you be a part of this crazy journey! Thank you for following along with us!


Why Twenty-Two Farms?



Hope was left outside in below freezing temperatures when she was a baby. The exposure caused her back hooves to fall off from frostbite and when she arrived months later her wounds were still open. Because of that she was unable to fend for herself which caused her to be extremely under nourished. We ended up bringing her into the house and after quite a bit of spoiling, she started to heal and is now a spunky little goat.



Sparky had a pink eye infection that went untreated by his previous owner. This eventually caused him to become blind and for his eyes to bulge out. A rescue in Northern Minnesota picked him up off of a for sale site and was able to get his eyes removed to allow him to heal. Their space is much rockier and hillier than ours, so he found his way to us.



Buddy was dumped by his owners right before Christmas. He was 12 years old, never given a name and lived outside. He has scoliosis, an enlarged heart and tumors. He had to be shaved down to his bare skin as his coat was too matted to brush. It's safe to say he has adjusted to being an indoor, sweater-wearing doggo. He is now one of the most spoiled animals on our farm and is living his best life. 

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